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In the last post I realized that I didn't put the link to the horse writing contest in the post. Sorry about that. So again, here's the link to the girls fiction writing contest...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Writing Conest-Jessica is a judge

If you have a horse book that you would like to enter in a girls club fiction contest, here's the link to join. Jessica is a judge

Canterwood Crest fan art

This pic is SO amazing. Salina drew this, and I found it on Jess' blog one day. It's so cool. You gotta see it!It's a pic of Charm!

Isn't it good? What'd I tell ya! All credit goes to Salina. Great job!

This photo is not responsible for any squeling, screaming, or speechlessness. These are the side effects of reading this post. :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

Triple the first chapter

Read the first chapter of Triple's the link....

Jess also has a YouTube video of herself reading the first chapter, so if you wanna check that out her YouTube username is jessicaburkhart87....or you could just copy the web address I have typed in that gadget thing to the right of this blog.