Friday, July 31, 2009

Canterwood Crest fan art

This pic is SO amazing. Salina drew this, and I found it on Jess' blog one day. It's so cool. You gotta see it!It's a pic of Charm!

Isn't it good? What'd I tell ya! All credit goes to Salina. Great job!

This photo is not responsible for any squeling, screaming, or speechlessness. These are the side effects of reading this post. :D


  1. Salina this is a really really good actually great picture of charm. it looks exactly how i imagined him! you are a great artist!!!! gOoD jOb!!!!!

  2. Wow that so amazing wh ever like did that i would give them a thumbs up with a big smiley face and a A+

  3. cool! that's a really good picture!